Are our prices increasing?

Yes, unfortunately due to the current climate we have no choice but to increase our rates.

We have a commitment to our customers to never increase our rates for profit and we have done everything possible to minimise the impact on the customer.

We will continue with our membership model to ensure transparency is relation to any profit we make from customer’s accounts.

Once each year we update our rates based on changes in external costs and, as you’ve probably heard, the disruptions in the wholesale energy markets have unfortunately led to some significant increases. We’ve also experienced these higher prices and we’re updating our rates from 1 July 2023 to reflect these.

More information about why prices change can be read here.

To keep our prices as affordable as possible, our local team has worked hard to pass on the lowest rates possible while also increasing the amount we pay for the solar PV our customers don’t use. 

When are they changing?
Our prices in DMO states will be changing on 1 July 2023.
Our prices in Victoria will be changing on 1 August 2023.

When will your prices go down?
We know price increases are as welcome as a rainy day at the beach, so when we’re able to buy wholesale power at cheaper prices we’ll pass on the benefits in future annual price changes.

What is the membership fee?
Please remember our monthly membership is how we earn money to run our business and pay our amazing Australian-based team. For you, this means you benefit from energy rates at the price we buy them, and we're here to help you save on your power usage as it doesn’t impact our bottom line. We believe this is truly the fairest and most transparent way to pay for energy. 

Why is the membership fee increasing?
Our monthly membership is how we earn money to run our business and pay our amazing Australian-based team. Unfortunately, we have had to raise our membership slightly to cover the increased costs we’re incurring from inflation.

Do you have any financial assistance options available if I’m experiencing hardship?
We understand that anyone can fall on hard times. We have a range of payment assistance and support options available to help get you back on track if you’re experiencing hardship. Learn more at

Do you have cheaper plans available?
Customer support will need to investigate if they can switch the customer to a cheaper option.

Where can I access Basic Plan Information Documents/Victorian Energy Fact Sheets?
Basic plan documents are available on request or by visiting

Here’s a little reminder about the benefits of being a part of our unique community:

  • Your prices only update once each year: A few customers have told us that some other retailers increased their prices during the past few months. We buy energy gradually so we can lock in prices that give our customers certainty for the whole financial year.
  • You’ll always speak to someone local: If you ever need assistance you’ll get help from our team based right here in Australia.
  • You can expect 5-star service: Thanks to our fair approach to energy, our customer-obsessed team, and hundreds of 5-star reviews from our happy members, you’re with the top-rated power provider on
  • You’re supporting a sustainable future: We’ve been recognized by Finder as the 2023 Green Retailer of the Year, as well as by Greenpeace with 4.5 green energy stars for our dedication to reducing the carbon footprint of Australians.

Will Energy Locals increase rates again?
At Energy Locals, we only change our prices once a year in-line with regulator updates, so you can rest easy knowing there will be no hiking of prices later from us for a profit grab.

How can I reduce my usage?
You may visit our website for tips and tricks on how to reduce energy consumption.

What will happen with energy prices next year?
Every July, the energy regulator bigwigs conduct a thorough review of the key costs that make up the energy supply chain. Based on their review, the standing offer for energy is adjusted.

We’d love to predict what’s going to happen next year, but the last few years have seen market conditions throw a curveball, resulting in price increases. That’s the case again in 2023 but let’s hope next year wholesale prices are less impacted.

How can I get Energy Locals cheapest rate?
Our current cheapest plan is our Online Member plan and the only requirement we have is direct debit and online support. Contact us if you would like to switch to this plan.

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