Your property has a National Meter Identifier. If you can tell us this number when you join it will help match your address.


What is it?

Your NMI (National Meter Identifier) is the reference of your address in the energy market It's different to your meter number and stays linked to your property, even if your meter is replaced. 

Where do I find it?

On an Energy Locals bill, you can find your NMI at the top right corner of the first page:


If you're not with Energy Locals, you should be able to find your NMI in a similar place. 

Why does the NMI matter?

When we switch the billing for your property from your current retailer to Energy Locals, we need to first get a perfect match in the industry operator's systems. Knowing your NMI helps us to do that. 

So the NMI makes everything ok then?

Ideally, but no. We've found examples of retailers billing customers for the wrong NMI. That means they've attached the wrong meter data to someone else's bill and in some cases switched the wrong customer. We don't want that happening. That's why we use a combination of data sources to get the match right: NMI; address; meter configuration; and your name. 

I still have questions

Please drop us a note at or use the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen. We'd be happy to help.

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