Unfortunately due to the current climate of the electricity market we have had to increase our rates, but this doesn't mean that we can't look at other possible way to reduce the cost of your bills.

Below is a few options to consider to lower your bills during this price change period:

Join our Online Member plan

If you are currently on our Local Member plan, you can save money by switching to our Online Member plan, which has a lower membership fee. To swap to our Online Member plan, you can contact our friendly customer service team either via phone or email. Although to join the plan you will have to set up a direct debit as it is an Online Member Plan requirement.


If you are eligible for a concession rebate on your account, make sure that your card is validated with us  to ensure you are receiving your rebate. Each government has their own rules around concession eligibility, so make sure you check out if you are eligible here - https://energylocals.com.au/energy-concessions/

Energy Bill Relief Scheme (Concession Card Holders)

The Commonwealth is partnering with states and territories to provide up to $3 billion of electricity bill relief to eligible households and small businesses through the Energy Bill Relief Fund to provide support to those who need it most. The states and territories will administer the Energy Bill Relief. 

Customers currently receiving a state or territory energy relief payment, concession, or rebate (and remain eligible from 1 July 2023) will start receiving this bill relief from 1 July 2023 onwards, depending on when they receive their electricity bill. 

  • This will be automatic, and these customers will not be required to do anything. 

  • Customers who may be eligible and do not currently receive a state or territory energy relief payment, concession or rebate will be contacted by Services Australia from September 2023 if they need to take any action. 

  • Customers who may be eligible by virtue of holding a qualifying DVA issued card and who are not eligible for an existing state or territory energy relief payment, concession or rebate will be contacted by DVA from July 2023. 

  • Bill relief will be provided on each bill during 2023-24 in most states and territories. 

  • Eligible Household CEN customers will be paid through Retailer or Respective state Governments will reach out to customers directly and make bank payments. 

More information on how to apply for the Energy Bill Relief Fund can be found here - https://www.energy.gov.au/government-priorities/energy-programs/energy-bill-relief-fund


Reducing Your Energy Consumption

Making energy-smart choices can reduce winter’s impact on your wallet. If you are interested in methods you could reduce your energy consumption and save money during winter, energy.gov.au has created a well thought out document on how you can be cost efficient with your energy usage - https://www.energy.gov.au/households/household-guides/seasonal-advice/winter

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