An energy tariff is essentially a pricing plan for your electricity or gas usage. It determines how much you pay for the energy you consume.

Tariff types include Anytime, Peak, Time of Use, Demand and Controlled Load. We don't invent these; they're aligned with the tariffs created by your local network company. Here's how to check your current tariff type.

How to check your tariff type:

If you're with Energy Locals you can see what type of tariff you're on at the top of the second page. For example this customer is on an anytime plan:

Alternatively you can also look at the detailed usage breakdown section to see if you have:

  • Single Usage Type (e.g., Peak Only or Anytime): You're on a simple tariff called "Anytime" and are charged one rate for your usage.
  • Time of Day Segments (e.g., Peak, Shoulder, and Off-Peak): This is called a Time of Use tariff and your usage costs differ depending on the time of day. 
  • Controlled Load Charges: This applies to energy-draining appliances like electric hot water. You'll have this in conjunction with another tariff type: e.g., "Anytime plus Controlled Load" or "Time of Use plus Controlled Load."
  • There's a demand charge: This means your electricity costs are based on your highest usage for the billing period.  Learn more here.
  • Feed-in Tariff: For people with solar panels, this tariff pays you for the excess energy you feed back into the grid.

Please note that all tariffs include a daily supply charge.

Can I change tariff type?
In some cases, you can. To see what we can do, please contact our Aussie-based team on,

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