I'm moving: How do I transfer my power?

If you're moving (or have moved!) into a new property and need power, we will work with your local network company to get it connected for the day you move in. 

To transfer your power to your new property you will need to complete two steps:

Step 1: Book your move-in (new property)
You can book your move-in by completing our standard sign-up form. During the journey, it will ask if you are moving home and what date you require connection.

Our sign-up tool requires you to tell us at least two business days in advance of your move-in date. If you need to be connected earlier, call us on 1300 693 637 and we'll do our best to organise that for you. We can usually get a same business day connection done if you tell us by midday.

Step 2: Book your move-out (current property)
Let us know you moving out so we can cancel power after you move out. You can do this through your online portal at www.portal.energylocals.com.au, by navigating to Property and clicking Moving out.

Please note: If your meter is manually read, you will need to ensure you prove clear and safe access to the meter, until this happens you will remain liable for billing.

If you need any help please call us at 1300 693 637 and our friendly team will happily assist.

Network company charges
Your local network company charges a small fee for doing a connection. The fees are listed here and we'll put them onto your first bill with zero added cost.

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