What happens when you transfer your power to Energy Locals

Congratulations on switching to fair energy and the good news is your work is done🎉. But here's what we'll do to ensure a smooth transition:

1. We'll liaise with your local network operator

We'll contact your local network company to let them know you're switching. Your power will be transferred to us within 2 business days. For basic meters, this transfer will usually be based on an estimated start read.

2. Moving in?

If you're moving in, we’ll coordinate with your local network company to get the power connected by your move-in date. The normal 10-day cooling-off period won’t apply, ensuring your move-in date isn't delayed. Check out some tips below to help your local network operator ensure a smooth connection.

3. You’re now an Energy Locals customer, yay 🥳

You can enjoy fair power in your new pad.

4. Tell your friends and save

Spread the word! We'll reward both you and your friend with $50 off your bill if they mention your name when they join. 🤑


5. Ignore the sweet talk

Your previous provider might try to win you back with special offers and discounts that they didn't offer you before. By joining us, you've escaped those games. Enjoy the peace of mind with fair and transparent energy.

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