What happens when you transfer your power to Energy Locals

Congratulations on switching to fair energy and the good news is your work is done🎉. But here's what we'll do to ensure a smooth transition:

1. We'll liaise with your local network operator

We'll get in touch with your local network company to let them know you're switching. Your power will be transferred to us within 2 business days. For basic meters, the transfer will usually be on an estimated start read.

2. Moving in?

If you are, we’ll liaise with your local network company to get the power connected for your moving in date. The normal 10-day cooling-off period doesn’t apply so that your move-in date isn't delayed. See some tips below to help your local network operator ensure a smooth connection

3. You’re now an Energy Locals customer, yay 🥳

You can enjoy clean, cheap, and fair power in your new pad.

4. Tell your friends and save

We'll reward you and your friend with $50 off your bill if they mention your name when they join 🤑

5. Ignore the sweet talk

Like a pesky ex, your previous provider might try and win you back with special offers and discounts that they didn't think you were worth before. By joining us you've escaped the games.


How to ensure a smooth move

We all want to put the keys to our new place in the door and flick on the lights to find everything connected. We'll liaise with your local network company to make that happen, but there are some things you can do to help too:

Already at the property? 

Please keep the main switch on your switchboard in the 'off' position. The local network company won't turn on the power if it's the switchboard is on. 

Check the fuse box

No power when you arrive? The main fuse should be in the off position. Please check that first. The torch on your phone may come in handy!

Tell us about access issues

Is the meter box in a place that isn't immediately obvious, or behind a locked gate? If so please tell us via the little chat icon at the bottom of the screen or email. We'll send this information to the network company ahead of your move in date. 

Take your dog to work or play

Network companies don't like dogs. Well, they probably do, but their health & safety polices like them to avoid the little hounds. Making sure a dog won't be on site on the day of connection will definitely help. 

Remember that network fees may be payable

Your local network company charges for each connection and disconnection. They'll bill us for this and we'll add the cost to your first bill. The charges are listed by region here

Be patient if you're in Queensland

The local network company - Energex - often requires someone to be present for a visual inspection. They have 5 hour appointment windows. Yes, we find this very frustrating too. Sorry - it's a rule they are very firm on. 

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