For a one-off cost of $149, we can supply and install a smart meter for you. This upgrade allows you to access daily usage data through our online portal and helps streamline your bills into more manageable monthly payments.

Simple Changes: If you're making straightforward changes to your existing property, such as installing a pool or a solar PV system, this is called an ‘addition or alteration.’  Simply request an exchange below and we'll take care of installing your meter within 15 full business days from the date we’re informed that the connection service is complete.

Complex Changes: If your project involves more significant work, like major metering changes, this is also classified as an ‘addition or alteration.’ Since it involves more than just replacing the electricity meter, we'll need to coordinate with your local network distributor who will set the date the work goes ahead. 

Building a New Property: This is considered a 'new connection.' Unfortunately, we unable to request a meter exchange for these properties.

To request a smart meter installation, please complete this form.

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