Do you have joining fees, exit fees or lock-in contracts?

We're proud to not have any of those silly things.


While some retailers still put their customers in handcuffs and demand a ransom payment to be released from captivity, we're an ethical operator. 

No joining fees

It costs nothing to join Energy Locals. 

No lock-in contracts

You will not be locked into a fixed contract and can leave at any time. 

Exit fees

We do not charge exit fees. Retailers that do should be forced to write 100 lines of "I must learn how to operate ethically" each time they charge a customer an exit fee. 

New connection fees

The only time there may be a connection charge is if you're moving into or out of a property. Your local network company charges us for disconnections & reconnections and we pass those charges through at cost. Those fees are listed on this page

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