Can I change from one type of network tariff to another?

Yes, you usually can. Unlike other retailers, we don't earn money from each unit of energy that you use. This means we have the same incentive as you do: to lower your usage and your bill. Yay! At Energy Locals, we price you according to your network tariff.

If you'd like to change your current network tariff (e.g. from an Anytime network tariff to a Time of Use network tariff) we can request that by liaising with your local network company on your behalf. They'll need to make a change on their end. They probably won't charge for this unless you make more than one change in a 12-month period. 

Note: We can only request to place you on a "current" or "open" network tariff, however not all tariff types are considered "current" or "open" and these change from time to time. We will only know at the time of request what is currently available. Ultimately your network provider has the final approval on changing you to another network tariff.

When can we send your request to the network company? 

Network companies will only take instructions from a customer's current retailer. Once you're on board with Energy Locals we can request the change. 


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