Do I need to tell my current provider I'm leaving?

Ending relationships can be tough, but luckily, this breakup is a breeze. The short answer? Nope, you don't have to tell them a thing. We handle it all for you, so you can move on to someone who truly values you, leaving the past behind worry-free."


What to do if your previous provider comes calling
However your previous energy provider may realise they let one slip through the net and try to contact you to win you back. Just like a pesky ex who can't take a hint.

They might try to woo you with too-good-to-be-true special offers that they conveniently kept hidden while you were their loyal customer. But trust us, those offers are often just a temporary sweetener. Once they've lured you back, they could swiftly raise your prices again.

But don't worry if you do answer a call. Simply let them know you're not interested in rekindling the flame and kindly request to opt out from their annoying calls and marketing list. You've moved on to someone who treats you right, and it's time for them to get the message!

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