If you need a new meter, here are the types we normally use


Why do I need a new meter?

You might want a new meter because you're installing solar and need one that has two-way capabilities. This is necessary to receive your solar feed in tariff. Alternatively, you might just want more regular data on your energy usage. 

You might need a new meter because your current one is past its use by date or is part of a family of meters that are no longer seen by the regulator as fit for purpose.

What type of meters are installed?

Our specialist metering provider will install the right type of meter for your circumstances. The specific type will depend on whether you have or are getting solar, and whether you have a single or three phase power supply at your property. 

It's likely that one of the following meters will be installed. Click the links to download PDF details of each:

Who installs & owns the meters?

When we install a new or replacement meter, we use a specialist metering provider to undertake the work. They install and maintain the meter and send us the data from it. 

The metering provider owns the meter. We pay them an annual fee for looking after the meter and for providing us with the data from it. This is similar to how things have worked for some time, where local network companies have been responsible for meters and charged retailers for the cost so that we can add them to our tariffs. 

Do the meters have remote communication?

Yes they do. This is used to send your half hourly usage data to our billing system each day. 

Will I still get a bill every quarter?

No, we'll now send a bill based on an actual meter reading every month, just the same as you're used to getting for your mobile phone or broadband. 

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