Anytime, peak, time of use, controlled load. Who invented this stuff? Here's how to check what you currently have.


When you search for prices at Energy Locals we display the Peak Only rate. That's because we need to check your meter configuration with the industry operator's systems to understand what type of tariff you're on. 

Our pricing pages list all the tariff types. We don't invent these: they're aligned to the tariffs your local network company creates. 

What am I on? 

Here's how to check what type of tariff you have. Just grab a recent bill and have a look at the detailed usage breakdown section. 

  • All usage is listed as the same type (e.g. Peak Only or Anytime). This means you're on the simplest type of tariff. We call this Anytime and it's the rate you see when you enter your postcode on our website. 
  • Usage is broken down into time of day segments (e.g. peak, shoulder and off peak). This is called a Time of Use tariff. See the times of day for these tariffs
  • There's a line item for controlled load (it may be called something like bulk hot water too). This is for a fixed appliance such as electric hot water.
    You'll have this in conjunction with one of the above tariff types: e.g. Anytime plus Controlled Load or Time of Use plus Controlled Load. You won't have Controlled Load alone. There are two types: Controlled Load 1 and Controlled Load 2 (in Qld this may be called tariff 31 or 33). 
  • My bill shows a daily supply charge. All tariffs have this and while the amount will vary according to your type of tariff, having it listed doesn't help you understand which one you're on.

Once you've seen what sort of tariff you're currently on, you can compare this to our prices. We list each type of tariff in our Pricing section

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