We describe the process that happens after you switch to Energy Locals

Your physical energy supply is never affected by switching energy suppliers. Here's what happens after you switch:

  1. We'll enter your details & send you a welcome email.
    We'll load your details into our billing system and generate an account number. We'll email that to you within 2 working days of you joining.

  2. We check your address with the energy industry operator's systems.
    We need to get an exact match so we connect the right meter data with your account. If we can't get a perfect match we might get in touch to ask for a bit more information. We once found that a customer's address in the industry system was a whole block away from where she lived. 🤔

  3. We'll tell your current retailer.
    We'll work with them to ensure a smooth transfer for them.

  4. Your current retailer will hit the panic button.
    Once your current retailer knows you're about to leave, their "save" or "retention" team will be calling you relentlessly to change your mind. Their voicemails will say otherwise, but there's actually no need to talk to your current retailer.

  5. We'll tell you when you're officially on board.
    It should only take a few days for you to become an official Energy Locals member. Your previous retailer will send you a final bill for your usage up to that date, and we'll take care of everything from that point onwards. 

  6. Enjoy cheap and clean energy
    You can celebrate knowing you're supporting a clean energy future while also helping your back pocket.

As you can see from this list, there's nothing that you need to do yourself after you switch. We'll take care of it all and we'll be in touch if we need your help with any information. 

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