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We know a lot of customers have been let down by retailers who have promised a 'free' meter and have then failed to install it. Unfortunately there are no such things as free meters. 

We have contracts in place with metering companies that will provide, install and maintain a new smart meter on our behalf. These meters act as net meters, which is now a requirement in NSW for the solar feed in tariff to be payable. 

We charge $149 up front for the new smart meter. That's the cost in the first year. After that, the cost of that meter will be added to our total metering costs and spread evenly throughout our tariffs. 

The process to get a new meter installed is as follows:

  1. Start. Start the transfer process to Energy Locals. Join via this page so we know you need a meter installed. 
  2. Book. We'll then contact the metering company to arrange the installation. 
  3. Welcome. You need to be an Energy Locals customer before we're allowed to request an upgrade to your meter, so you may want us to book a special meter read for you to speed up the transfer process. 
  4. Pay. We'll then ask you to pay the $149 cost prior to installation. You can do that online via our banking partner or with Bpay. 
  5. Install. Your meter will be installed. If it's not installed within 6 weeks of us becoming your supplier we'll refund your $149. 
  6. Enjoy. Once you're an Energy Locals customer and your meter has been installed, you can enjoy cheaper energy with a great solar feed in tariff and none of the nasty tricks that other retailers pedal. 
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