We break out our costs into a separate line item so you can see exactly what you pay.


We live up to our promise of transparency by containing the cost associated with running Energy Locals in a small monthly membership, which is added to your bill. That means that your energy usage is charged at the same price that we pay with zero added profit.

What do we do with the membership? 
We use this to run our business and pay our lovely 100% Australian-based team. It equates to a much lower margin than other retailers chase. 

How does this approach help you?
Our incentives are aligned with yours. That's very unusual for an energy company. While our competitors have nightmares about you halving your usage by installing solar or becoming more efficient, we'd love to help you with that because we don't earn money from the amount of energy you use and when you do those things, it directly aligns with our mission of replacing the traditional energy model with one that's decentralised and which puts customers in control. 

What are the membership rates? 

View our prices online for home or business. You can also find detailed price fact sheets from those pages. 

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