I've switched. Why is my current/old retailer trying to call?

Some retailers don't get the hint quite as easily as others. Here's how to play it.


You know the script: the longer you stay with a retailer (apart from us) the sneakier the price they'll charge you. 

We recently heard that a big retailer said when rolling out a big project: "make sure you don't wake up the sleepers [the customers who rarely switch]".

So, once they know you're about to leave, their "save" or "retention" team will be calling you relentlessly to change your mind.  

One of our team recently switched away from a different retailer (we like to test others out) and they called no less than 13 times. 

You'll get voicemails telling you it's very important you call them back about your account, that they're your retailer and they need to talk to you urgently and so on. All these messages are designed to get you on the phone. 

The facts are:

  • You don't need to contact your current retailer.
  • Your power supply is never affected by switching.
  • Once we take over the administration of your supply, your current retailer will send you a final bill.
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