What if I'm in a contract with my current retailer?

Many customers think they're stuck when in fact they aren't.


Many retailers have moved on from tying customers into fixed term contracts with exit fees for early termination. 

However, some still leverage contracts as a way to retain customers - just in the same way that iron bars retain prisoners. 

Check your contract. If you've got it as a PDF just search for 'exit fee' or 'termination' and you'll normally jump straight to the right section.

If you find you've been charged an early termination fee (sneeeeaky retailer!), we'll cover the cost up to $50 if you are a residential customer. To receive the refund you'll need to scan or take a photo of your bill (or attach a copy of your digital bill) and email it to hello@energylocals.com.au.

Note that exit fees are now banned in NSW. Regardless, if your retailer tries it on just tell them to shove their exit fee and we're quite confident they'll drop it. 

Naturally, at Energy Locals we don't have lock-in contracts or charge joining or exit fees. 

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