Higher than normal bill catch you off guard?

We've got you covered - use our High bill checklist to help you understand what might be the cause.


calendar.png  Longer bill period than usual

Energy bill periods often fluctuate and rarely cover the same number of days.

If your bill is a little higher than usual, this could be the cause. 


invoice.png Received a higher first bill than expected?

To reduce the time and costs of changing energy providers, the energy market operator (AEMO) introduced changes in October 2021 that allows customers to switch on estimated meter reads. Check whether your starting meter read may have been estimated.

Estimated starting reads can result in a higher than expected first bill from us and a lower final bill from your previous provider. Future invoices will be based on your actual usage.


estimated_read.png  Estimated meter read

Your meter read may be estimated, this can occur when your meter reader isn't able to access your meter. When this happens, we calculate your energy usage based on what your property consumed the year before.

Click here for more information on estimated billing and how our team can help.


appliance.pngAre appliances consuming more energy than you expected?

Adding extra appliances to your home can cause a jump in your energy consumption.

You might be surprised at how much energy this can add to your bill. For more information, check your appliance's manual or its energy efficiency label - this is usually printed on your appliance or found on a sticker attached. 

You can also visit www.energyrating.gov.au/calculator to calculate how much energy your appliances use.


season.png Change in seasons

As the seasons change, how we stay comfortable has an impact on our energy bills.

It's natural to run our air conditioning during the warmer months and as the days get shorter and cooler in winter we tend to spend more time indoors using heaters and clothes dryers.

Running these appliances can have a large impact on energy consumption and costs. To check whether your bill is unusually high, we recommend comparing your usage with the same time last year.

There's a handy usage summary graph on the second page of your bill which helps you to compare (so long as you were at the same address last year).

To help you stay warm while keeping your electricity bill low, click here for some easy tips to reduce your winter energy costs.


visitors.png Visitors and holidays

We tend to spend a greater amount of time at home during the holidays.

Friends and family visiting over the holiday period can lead to increased energy usage. More people showering, charging their devices, and utilising appliances such as washers and dryers can cause a spike in energy costs.


money.png Outstanding balances

If you happened to only partially pay your previous energy bill, the remaining balance will roll over to your next bill. Check page 1 of your invoice to see if there is an opening balance that has rolled into your current bill.

You can check your current balance in MyAccount.


Solar.png Solar and bad weather

When the sun is out, solar PV can often supply most of your energy needs, even in partly cloudy weather, solar PV could still operate at up to 80% of its maximum output. However, if it’s consistently cloudy for several days, the efficiency of the solar panels may be reduced and this can have a real impact on your energy bill as you can expect less local generation and smaller Feed in Tariff credits.


concession.png  Is an energy concession missing?

If you're eligible for a concession but it's missing from your account, please make sure you add your concession card details so that we can apply your benefits.

You can add or edit your concession details in MyAccount or by calling us on 1300 693 637.

South Australian residents – you can register your Energy Locals account details with the Department of Human Services (DHS) to claim a concession on your energy bill.


hardship.png Difficulty paying your bill?

We know that from time to time customers may find that they’re unable to pay their energy bills.

If you need some assistance with managing your energy bills, talk to us about your options.

Hardship assistance.

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