Say Goodbye to Bill Shock

For most people, receiving a bill every 3 months doesn't align with their monthly or fortnightly income - this can lead to people being caught short when they receive an invoice, commonly called 'bill shock'. We want to help customers avoid this. 

Simple monthly payments 

To combat this, we recommend that you set up a regular monthly or fortnightly payment for a fixed amount.

Doing so means that when we send you a bill, it should be a much smaller and nicer one than if you have to deal with three months' of energy usage in one go. 

When we get a meter reading we'll check your actual usage against your payments. Your bill will then be for any energy usage over and above the regular payments you made.

We can set the monthly payment to be on a day that suits you. After you've joined, please let us know if you'd prefer smaller fortnightly payments instead. 

We won't take any payments until we first notify you of the date and the amount. 

Direct debit or card payment

We'll collect payments by direct debit or from a credit card or debit card that our bank, Westpac, securely stores.

Smart meters

If you have a smart meter, we'll suggest you set up a direct debit so you can pay automatically each month once we know exactly how much energy you used. We'll always tell you the amount before taking any payment. 



When will my prices change?

We will normally change prices on 1 July each year, which is when new distribution (network) charges usually come into effect. We'll tell you in advance about any change and explain how it's been calculated.


Will I save money with Energy Locals?

Send us a photo of your current bill and we'll compare it to our rates. Remember that we'll never change your prices so we can profit, so we're very confident that as time goes on your savings with us will increase.


How can I give you feedback?

We've tried hard to make our prices as simple as they can possibly be. Please contact us anytime if you have a query on our rates. We'd also love to hear your feedback on what else we could do to simplify our pricing.

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