Energy Prices have become something of a mystery to us all. We’re lifting the veil with a fixed fee approach and total transparency. Here’s how it works.


Fixed fee: For a small, fixed membership we give you access to wholesale energy rates. The membership is all we earn, making our rates nice and cheap. See options.

No profit from your usage: We don’t earn money from the amount of energy you use. That means that if we can help you use less or if we find that a better tariff would reduce your bill, we’ll happily help you get it.

Get great rates, permanently: We don't sneak away discounts when you're not looking.


Unique No Gouging Promise: By not earning money from usage, we can offer our unique promise that you will never be price gouged with Energy Locals. We’ll tell you the breakdown of every part of any price change.

Simple rates: We’ve taken the normal energy tariff model and made it as simple as we can, while still offering all the various combinations that you might want (eg flat rate, time of use etc).

Great rate for your solar: We offer solar feed in tariffs including any government premium offerings, that aren't part of a short term promotion - they're the way we do things. We’d rather support our own customers than a big fossil fuel generator somewhere in the country.

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