When will I be disconnected if I leave or am moving?

You will be disconnected on the date you advise us to close your account. This can be done via email or telephone with one of our friendly staff members. We do require 3 business days' notice to organise your disconnection, and this date cannot be on a Friday, weekend day, or public holiday.

If your move date is within that timeframe, your disconnection will be scheduled for the next available date.  If you haven’t told us you’re moving out, your account will remain active, and fees and charges may apply.

Please remember to close your account as soon as possible, we don’t want you to pay for usage that isn’t yours. If you are required to make any changes to your disconnection date you are required to give us 24 hours of any notice.

What information will you need to organise a disconnection of your power?

- Is there any access requirements to the meter?

- Is there any hazards that may affect your meter being read?

- Is there anyone living at the property who is currently using life support?

- Confirm there is no electrical or renovation works currently at the property.


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